About Us

Backyard Squabbles was founded in 2020 by Damian Gutierrez & Joshua Brito on the principles of anti-gun violence and bringing local communities together. One day both men discussed ways to decrease gun-violence through the Guns Down Squabble Up movement. Throughout Los Angeles, gun violence has been steadily increasing for many years. The Guns Down Squabble Up movement allows all disputes to be settled with gloves instead of the senseless killings that are happening throughout the United States each year.
Their brand has resonated with many communities and in a couple months has gone worldwide, with viewers from multiple continents. As the brand grows, they promise to promote non-violence through fighting to settle disputes or just for fun.
Through Backyard Squabbles, it does not matter about your race, gender, criminal record, or anything of the past. The same playing field is presented to every single person regardless. At the end of every single match each fighter steps out of that ring with a newfound respect for their opponent and their community. 
Whether you are fighting for social justice, trying to become a professional fighter, or for a different purpose, you are creating a positive impact for your community. 
While we continue to be doubted, we will never forget where we started. Just two kids from Los Angeles trying to change our communities one day at a time. The foundation is being set in stone for our future generations. While there will be many years of chapters to this story, we are committed to having a positive impact on our communities. This is only the beginning.