Our Team

Damian Gutierrez- Co-founder and Owner of Backyard Squabbles

From the heart of Inglewood, California, Gutierrez has had to work hard for his family since a young age. He grew up with unstoppable grit and relentless as he continues to build his brand Backyard Squabbles. Gutierrez was introduced to fighting on the streets and from his cousins, who are professional MMA fighters. Through promoting parties he created a sports league which promoted a guns down gloves up movement instead of violence. Gutierrez founded Backyard Squabbles in June 2020, with Gutierrez having hopes of making this into a worldwide brand and sports league. He continues to make his name and give back to his community by donating to the homeless and help others who are less fortunate. Gutierrez continues to build a name for his brand but also put his community first. We are proud to introduce to you the Face of Backyard Squabbles, Damian Gutierrez.

Joshua Brito- Head of YouTube Team and Management

From Gardena, California, Josh has been the face of Backyard Squabbles YouTube Team since June 2020. Coming from humble backgrounds, Brito has been able to take his photography and videography experience and make a direct impact on the organization. He is responsible for all of the content going up on all of our social media pages. With humble backgrounds, he has been able to giveback and donate to local communities through Backyard Squabbles while documenting it at the same time. Similar to Damian, Josh has been able to see the vision of the organization since the very beginning and now it has been paying off across the board. We are proud to introduce to you the face of the YouTube Team, Joshua Brito.